3 Efficient Ways to Increase Your Running Speed

Running is one of the most efficient cardiovascular workouts. However, if you are already an athlete and you try to improve your running endurance and speed, you need to consider several things including stretching, interval training, and strength training. Therefore, in order to help you, we have gathered 3 efficient ways to increase your running speed.

Focus on your warm up

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Before you start running, it’s very important to warm up your body by walking or slowly jogging for a few minutes. This way you will warm up your muscles you will be prepared for an intense workout. If you have any doubts about warming up your body, you have to know that a few minutes of exercise before running, will help your body use more oxygen, also improving your running speed and endurance.

Find your pace

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When you start running is very important to find your pace. Run at a moderate pace for 20 minutes. This way you can keep your heart rate up. Actually, you don’t need to push yourself too hard, because your body will start absorbing oxygen more than normal and you will feel tired. Once you have your own pace, you can begin the interval training. Start running for a few minutes at your maximum speed, and then walk for 2 minutes. By walking a few minutes you will let your muscles cool down. Furthermore, during those minutes of running at maximum speed try to push yourself as hard as you can. Nowadays, a lot of athletes are using a timer app on their phone which can monitor their performance. Try to use different gadgets including a fitness tracker or a Spree Headband which ca help you improve your performance. However, when you start running, consider wearing weighted clothing such as weighted vests, t-shirts and even arm and ankle weights. For example, if you are choosing to wear ankle weights during your workout, you can increase the intensity of your workout. Additionally, you will make your muscles stronger.

Think about repetition

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When you start performing an exercise, whether you are running or swimming, you have to repeat this process a few times a week. For better results, you have to work a lot and push yourself hard enough during every training. Repetition is necessary because it will make your system absorb oxygen more efficiently and it will also increase your running speed.