3 Exercises that Everyone Should Do Before Getting Out of Bed

The morning is the best time of the day to start exercising because your energy levels are at their fullest and your body is more receptive to getting moving. You could jog or head to the gym while it’s not very crowded or, better yet, you could do some exercises before getting out of bed. Many exercises can be done without getting out of bed and the following 3 should be on your morning list if you want to get ready for the day that comes.
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Side stretch

The support provided by your mattress is essential because you will need a firm surface that will keep your body in the right posture. A medium-firm memory foam mattress is great for your morning exercises because your body will not sink into it and you will engage all your muscles into the movements. For this exercise, you will need to sit in the center of your bed with your legs crossed and your body upright. Bring your hands together with your fingers interlaced and the palms facing the exterior and slowly pull your arms towards the ceiling to extend your muscles. Then, slowly bend from the waist to the left and to the right without lifting your butt off the bed, alternating sides 30 times.

Leg lifting

This morning exercise is great for toning your legs and improving your mobility, something that will help you with the daily activities you will have to face. You need to sit on one side with your forearm resting on the bed and your toes extended to the front. Again, you will need to rely on a firm mattress that will keep your body in a straight line. From the side position, slowly raise your leg towards the ceiling until it creates a straight angle with the leg that sits on the bed. Repeat the leg lifting with each leg around 30 times.
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Hand-toe stretch

It if very important to contract your muscles during the exercise because this means that the muscles will be working. This exercise engages your back, hips, core, and arm muscles as you stretch your entire body. What you need to do is sit on the bed with your legs straight and spread in front of you then slowly bend towards to reach your left toe with your right hand. Maintain your back straight and try not to lift your butt off the bed. Repeat with each hand and toe at least 30 times.