5 Best Weighted Vest Exercises

These days, in case you want to lose weight with ease and gain muscle mass fast, you must definitely go for some intense workouts. Furthermore, you can also maximize your results by wearing a weighted vest. In order to know exactly what you should do, take a look at the following 5 best weighted vest exercises.

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1. Bulgarian split squat

This exercise is very easy to do, and it gives amazing results. You can either use a box or the edge of your bed or your sofa, in case you do this exercise at home. What you actually need to do is to place the box behind you, and lift one leg and put it on the box, while the other one is on the ground, just like in the above image. Hold it lie this for a few seconds, and then repeat the procedure with the other leg as well. Do this for about 10 times with each leg. After several days, you will see how you legs and tummy will start to tone very well.

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2. Abs walkout

Here is what you need to do. On all fours, you must walk your hands forward until your tummy is a few inches above the ground, and then reverse the motion. If you wear the weighted vest while you do this exercise, you will easily and quickly as well gain muscle mass. Therefore, make sure you go for it.

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3. Plyometric skater jump

If you want to work some smaller abdomen muscles, then you need to go for this wonderful exercise, and you must definitely not forget to wear a weighted vest. You need to cross your right leg behind your left one, and then do a half squat. Once you do so, you need to jump to the right and swap arms and legs as well. Then, you need to keep hopping.

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4. Mountain climber

This is another wonderful workout that will provide amazing results. It is perfect for those who want to have a very well toned abdomen. Take the press-up position, and bring your right knee toward your left elbow. Then, you must swap sides. Wear a weighted vest at all times.

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5. Plank press-up

The plank-up press is without a doubt one of the best weighted vest exercises that you should try. Lean on your forearms and toes as well. In turn, you need to put your hands where your elbows were, and then straighten your arms. Once you do so, lower and swap sides. It can be quite difficult to do this, but the wonderful results you are going to obtain will definitely worth the effort.