5 Tips for Becoming a Better Swimmer

Swimming is an aerobic exercise which helps you strengthen your important muscle groups such as legs, shoulders, back and abdominal. Since swimming requires a lot of training, in the following lines, we have gathered 5 tips for becoming a better swimmer.

Consider a swimming routine

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If you want to become a better swimmer, you should try to work out at least three days a week. Swimming is a cardio workout which provides a lot of health benefits, so plenty of people choose to perform it. However, if you are a newbie, it’s recommended to swim at least 10 minutes three times a week, after you can try to push for more.

Promote fitness

When you start swimming, it’s recommended to structure your swim sessions. For example, you can start warming up for 15 minutes. Swim 200 m to warm up your legs and before the main set, you must try to perform a hypoxic set. This type of exercise promotes the holding of breath under duress or exercise. However, you shouldn’t do hypoxic training for very long, because you can be able to perform the main set for 35 minutes. The main set provides a short amount of lengths and lots of laps without rest. Finally, you need to consider the warm down, which will give you time to recover and relax your muscles.

Remember to breath

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The feeling of being out of breath is very unpleasant, so you need to focus on your exhales and your inhales. Moreover, you don’t have to move your head while you are not breathing, because this will help you hold your breath more. Actually, when you are swimming, the most important factor is to breathe every three strokes, because a proper breathing will help achieve a better performance.

Consider working with a coach

When we talk about performance, we think about joining a group or having your own coach. Having a coach is very efficient because it can provide you with a lot of good advice. In addition, a few sessions with a swim coach will help you improve your technique. However, if you are not very comfortable with this option, you can think about looking for a local swim club. You will become more confident to swim in a workout setting with other swimmers.

Develop your breaststroke and your backstroke

When it comes to backstroke, we know that it can be one the most challenging strokes to accomplish, because you will need a strong back and shoulder muscles. To develop your backstroke, you need to perform a drill of flutter kicks on your back with one arm raised. On the other hand, if you want to strengthen your breaststroke, you need to pull more water back. Pullouts are very efficient for your breaststroke being strong and fast.