Best Ways to Soothe the Muscles after Intense Workouts

Have you changed your coach and you are taking a new fitness class like CrossFit? Have you demolishes your muscles and you experience pains after an intense workout? If so, in order to help you, we have gathered some of the best ways to soothe the muscles after intense workouts.

What about a great massage?

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What can be more relaxing than a great massage? Particularly, if this massage will come after an intense workout which provides you with sore muscles. Nowadays, most people, especially athletes, and health professionals have arrived at the conclusion that a good massage can improve blood flow, ease inflammation, reduce pain and help muscles recover. Moreover, they noticed that massage can reduce the production of compounds called cytokines, which have an important role in inflammation. Massage can also stimulate mitochondria. These tiny powerhouses can be found inside cells and their role is to convert glucose into the energy essential for cell function and repair. However, if you are too busy to go to a professional therapist, you can use a massage chair. Actually, these massage chairs were created to emulate the techniques of a traditional massage. As such, if you are thinking about using a massage chair, you need to know that it will relieve stress, tension and soothe your muscles after an intense workout.

Saunas soothe the muscles

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Everybody knows that sauna can relax and soothe your muscles. During your sauna sessions, your body has the ability to release endorphins. Usually, endorphins have an enjoyable tranquilizing effect which minimizes the muscle soreness from an intense activity. Moreover, saunas increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. Anyway, when it comes to sauna and muscle soreness, most people are choosing these relaxing ”tools” after every intense workout due to their great muscle recovery benefits.

Consider some ice bath

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We all know that ice bath may be miserable, but they are very efficient. In fact, after stretching, it’s time to have a few moments in a bathtub with an ice bath. It’s recommended to add ice in a tub filled with water until the temperature reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You will feel the water as a tranquilizer which will make your body fall asleep. However, if you feel the water more temperate, you can stay in the bath tub for 10 minutes. After this sadistic session, you will feel much better and your muscles will thank you later.