Caffeine and Body Building

Caffeine gives us the dose of energy we need when we wake up or when we start to feel tired during the day. But if you’re into bodybuilding, you have to make sure that nothing in your daily routine disrupts or affects your results. Therefore, before you make a hot cup of coffee with your coffee maker prior to your workout session, or you consume any other caffeine based drink, read the following lines to find out how caffeine affects your body building routine.
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How caffeine helps with your bodybuilding session

Caffeine promotes spinal cord excitability, and it decreases the perception of muscle pain and fatigue. Also, caffeine delays mental fatigue. This makes it ideal for those who practice bodybuilding, significantly improving their endurance. Therefore, if you consume a normal amount of caffeine prior to your bodybuilding session, you will have only to benefit from it. To make sure that you’re not overdoing it with the amount of caffeine that you consume, drink only one cup of medium-strong coffee that you prepare with the coffee maker prior to the workout session. You will receive the boost that you need to perform at enhanced levels without endangering your health in any way by doing so.

Side effects of excessive caffeine consumption for body builders

Of course, there are side effects to caffeine consumption if you’re not wise about the caffeine intake. As we mentioned previously, it’s recommended that you consume only one cup of coffee or any other caffeine based drink before you work out to avoid putting your health in danger.

If you overdo it with the caffeine consumption, you will first notice a feeling of anxiety when you exercise. Because of the anxiety, your hands will most probably start to tremble, which will be extremely inconvenient for your when you lift weights or do other types of body building exercises.

Another unpleasant side effect of excessive caffeine consumption is that you will feel dehydrated very fast. The diuretic effect of caffeine is what leads to dehydration. Therefore, if you know that you have consumed too much caffeine, drink more water than you normally would when you work out to avoid the dangerous effects of dehydration.

Of course, your sleep will suffer as well if you’re not careful how much caffeine you consume. This is especially dangerous for those who are prone to anxiety or those who have slow metabolisms. The caffeine will kick in differently than it does for those who have good metabolisms, making it impossible to fall asleep at normal hours. Without a resting, quality sleep, your body building efforts will be in vain. Therefore, make sure that you limit your caffeine consumption to not affect your sleep and disrupt your bodybuilding progress.