Cross Training Workouts for Runners

All people must understand that physical activities play a very important role in their lives. Running, for example, is one of the most recommended physical activities these days, due to the fact that it has plenty of health benefits, and it also helps you tone very well your entire body. If this subject is an interesting one for you, then you should have a look at the following cross training workouts for runners.

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Go for a strength training

A strength training is highly recommended in order to achieve with ease the desired results. This type of exercises will help boost endurance and also reduce the risk of injury. Go for the ones that utilize your body weight. Furthermore, core exercises will keep you more upright, which will definitely have a positive impact on your entire running session. For obtaining these results, you need to try squats, calf raises, dead lifts, and box step-ups. You could also go for some seated leg raises, planks, and lunges as well, in order to maximize your results.

Yoga is highly recommended

Runners who skimp on stretching should definitely try yoga. The repetitive motion of running can leave the runner tight, especially around the hip flexors. Yoga can help with opening up the hips and also counteract the tightness. Plus, it is absolutely great for regaining your focus, and learning how to correctly connect with your breath, which is so important when it comes to running. Therefore, if you feel overworked, then you need to go for a restorative method.

Try swimming

Swimming is without a doubt one of the best cross training workouts for runners. Moreover, it is a very enjoyable physical activity as well. Therefore, if you are a runner with nagging injuries, then you definitely need to go for swimming. As a beginner runner, you will probably deal with quick-mileage-increase injuries, like runner’s shin splints. You can cut down the impact by going for some easy laps in the swimming pool. Swimming is very good for controlling your core, and drive from the hips as well. Therefore, do not hesitate and swim laps for about half an hour. Keep in mind that if you are new to the lap lane, you need to be well informed regarding the mistakes you need to avoid while you are in the pool, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Cycling is also great

Runners with weak glutes and hammies must go for cycling. By doing so, they will they will improve their endurance, without actually putting too much stress on their joints. You can either go outdoors for cycling, or you could use a stationary bike right in the comfort of your home. Half an hour of cycling a day will be absolutely great. Moreover, you could also try a treadmill at home, if you cannot go outdoors from various reasons.