Foods that Stand in the Way of Your Six-Pack

If you want to get a nice six-pack, you need to combine your exercises with a diet that excludes foods that are high in fats because fats are the number one enemy of a ripped ab. A low-calorie diet will maximize your efforts of building a slim figure with a flat belly so you need to pay attention to what you eat. Here are the main foods that you need to avoid on your way to a six-pack.
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If you want a flat abdomen, you need to cut on calories and fats and milk has plenty of both so you need to stop drinking so much milk. A healthier version that is lower in fats is nut milk like almond or cashew milk that contains fewer calories and is a healthier version that promotes a six-pack.


You probably know that bread should be out of discussion if you want to lose weight so it should definitely be avoided if you want to obtain a ripped ab. The refined grains found in bread are harmful to your figure so you should cut it from your grocery list. If you can’t have a meal without bread, consider getting a bread maker and make your own bread at home without additives and using whole wheat flour that is better for your six-pack.
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Red meat

Read meat including beef, pork, bacon, and steak could stand in the way of your six-pack because of all the saturated fats and salt it contains. Although being high in proteins, red meat is also a fat type of meat that doesn’t go well with a ripped ab, so you should replace it with fish or poultry that also contain proteins but are less fattening.

Commercial peanut butter

If you want to build muscles, peanut butter is great because it is high in proteins but, if you want a six-pack, you should avoid it because it is also high in saturated fats, which are not good for your diet. Therefore, try to avoid commercial peanut butter that contains plenty of fats from the oils it is made with. A little peanut butter now and then won’t kill you but you should keep a healthy limit.
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Without a doubt, you need to stay away from carbonated drinks if you want to have a six-pack because these drinks not only make you bloated but are also packed with sugars that ruin your figure. Even though you might think that the light version of a soda is better, think again before sipping on it if you want to get a toned ab.