Should You Hit the Spa After Intense Workouts?

Have you ever wondered which is the purpose of a sauna in your local fitness club? Maybe you don’t understand why you need a sauna or a hot tub which will make you sweat after an intense workout. Therefore, in the following lines, you will understand why you should hit the spa after an intense workout.

Saunas provide relaxation

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Besides the health benefits, we all know that sauna provides some amazing moments of excessive relaxation. It can relax your muscles after an intense workout and soothe pains in both muscles and joints. Moreover, using a sauna after your workout, it’s more efficient to burn calories and lose weight faster than usual. After you exercise, your muscles can be tensed and it’s recommended to use a sauna which can provide muscles recovery. Additionally, relaxing in a sauna elevates your heart rate levels as much as a moderate workout does, so the cardio benefits of your training should continue through your sauna sessions.

Hot tubs relieve stress

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If you are not a sauna enthusiast, you can opt for a hot tub. These units are more efficient than you might think. Therefore, after each of your intense workout, you can choose to relax and get rid of your daily stress in a hot tub. In fact, what can be more pleasant than a warm water massage which can make you feel great? Nowadays, most people are using the hot tub after their intense exercises because this relaxing ”tool” provides hydrotherapy which helps relieve tension headaches caused by stress and improve blood circulation. During your workout, blood flow through tissues can decrease dramatically, but a spa session will increase blood flow through skeletal muscle blood vessels.

Saunas burn calories

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When it comes to weight loss, nothing can be more efficient than an intense workout followed by a spa session. Extreme temperatures, like those found in a sauna, will help you burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. If you add this percentage to your daily workout which can help you burn 250 calories in 20 minutes, you will notice that hitting the spa after intense workouts will be more efficient than other activity you want to try to burn fats.